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John Seeger


John Seeger - Owner of CornerFill and a Manufacturing Engineer and now Mechanical Engineer who started working as a machinist while attending college full time. As my skills progressed, I began doing design creating tooling and fixtures for sheet-metal and weldments. In 1990, I began learning all areas of the shop including sheet metal, welding and managerial skills. In 1995, I moved to the Programming Department and began learning CNC programming of Mills, Lathes, Turret Punch's, Lasers, Robotic Press Brakes and Robotic Welder. I excelled in this area and advanced to Manufacturing Engineer in 2002, and was later promoted to Manufacturing Engineering Manager in 2003. Currently I'm running CornerFill as well as working for one of the largest defense contractors in the USA, as a Mechanical Engineer III.


If you have any questions regarding engineering or manufacturing, please don't hesitate to ask.